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Prior art references for 'Removal of Surface Multiples' [ABSTRACTS]

Patent Number: 7,515,505
Title: Method For Continuous Sweeping And Separation Of Multiple Seismic Vibrators
Family: Patent family and legal status for 7,515,505
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Krohn, Christine E. (Houston, TX), Johnson, Marvin L. (The Woodlands, TX)
Assignee: Exxonmobil Upstream Research Co.
Application Number: 12/150,291
Abstract: A method for simultaneously operating multiple seismic vibrators using continuous sweeps (little or no "listening" time between sweeps) for each vibrator, and recovering the separated seismic responses for each vibrator with the earth signature removed. Each vibrator is given a unique, continuous pilot signal. The earth response to the motion of each vibrator is measured or estimated. The vibrator motion records for each vibrator and the combined seismic data record for all the vibrators are parsed into separate shorter records. The shorter records are then used to form a system of simultaneous linear equations in the Fourier transform domain, following the HFVS method of Sallas and Allen. The equations are then solved for the separated earth responses.
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Patent Number: 7,505,361
Title: Method For Prediction Of Surface Related Multiples From Marine Towed Dual Sensor Seismic Streamer Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for 7,505,361
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Sollner, Walter (Oslo, NO)
Assignee: Pgs Geophysical As
Application Number: 11/825,989
Abstract: Particle motion sensor signals and the pressure sensor signals data from a towed marine seismic streamer are combined to generate an up-going pressure wavefield component and a down-going particle motion wavefield component. The down-going particle motion wavefield component is extrapolated from the receiver position depth level to the source position depth level. The up-going pressure wavefield component is multiplied by the extrapolated down-going particle motion wavefield component, generating a first product. Then, order surface related multiples in the pressure wavefield are iteratively calculated utilizing a product of (n-1) surface related multiple free data and the extrapolated down-going particle motion wavefield component. The calculated order surface related multiples are iteratively subtracted from the recorded pressure wavefield, generating the order surface related multiple free data.
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Patent Number: 7,489,590
Title: Method And Apparatus For Source And Receiver Side Wave Field Separation
Family: Patent family and legal status for 7,489,590
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Grion, Sergio (Redhill, GB)
Assignee: Westerngeco, L.l.c.
Application Number: 11/101,770
Abstract: The present invention provides a method and apparatus for wave field separation. The method includes accessing a marine seismic data set acquired by a plurality of receivers deployed at a first plurality of depths in response to a plurality of acoustic signals provided by a plurality of seismic sources deployed at a second plurality of depths and forming at least one de-ghosted marine seismic data set based upon the plurality of seismic data sets.
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Patent Number: 7,123,543
Title: Method For Seismic Exploration Utilizing Motion Sensor And Pressure Sensor Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for 7,123,543
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Vaage, Svein T. (Houston, TX), Fokkema, Jacob T. (Schiedam, NL), van den Berg, Peter M. (Pijnacker, NL)
Assignee: Pgs Americas, Inc.
Application Number: 10/621,222
Abstract: A method is disclosed for deghosting seismic data. The data include measurements of a vertical component of particle motion and pressure. The measurements are substantially collocated and made at a plurality of spaced apart positions. The method includes transforming the data into the spatial frequency domain, and separating upgoing and downgoing wavefield components of the transformed data. Water surface multiples may also be removed by decomposing the signals made at a plurality of seismic energy source locations into upgoing and downgoing wavefields.
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Patent Number: 6,889,142
Title: Method Of Correcting For Time Shifts In Seismic Data Resulting From Azimuthal Variation
Family: Patent family and legal status for 6,889,142
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Schonewille, Michel Albert (Guildford, GB)
Assignee: Pgs Exploration (UK) Limited
Application Number: 10/448,809
Abstract: A seismic data set is processed by applying a transform to the seismic data set that corrects for time shifts in the seismic data set resulting from azimuthal variation. Alternatively, a seismic data set is sorted to common offset gathers. Then, the following steps are applied to each common offset gather: A transform is applied to the common offset gather that corrects for time shifts in the common offset gather resulting from azimuthal variation. The transformed common offset gather is inverse transformed.
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Patent Number: 6,735,527
Title: 3-d Prestack/poststack Multiple Prediction
Family: Patent family and legal status for 6,735,527
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Levin, Stewart A. (Centennial, CO)
Assignee: Landmark Graphics Corporation
Application Number: 10/374,368
Abstract: System and method for analyzing seismic data from a formation. Stacked seismic data are provided, including a plurality of stack traces, e.g., by collecting seismic data from source and receiver locations and stacking the collected seismic data to produce the stacked seismic data. 3-dimensional (3-D) prestack traces are generated from the plurality of stack traces, e.g., by performing inverse moveout of stack traces, e.g., in a specified neighborhood, at common-depth-points, e.g., by inverse normal moveout, ray tracing, spike synthesis, etc. The inverse moveout corrected traces are convolved to compute predicted multiples which are useable in analyzing the formation. The multiples may be adaptively subtracted from the stacked seismic data, or optionally, from prestack data, to generate processed seismic data useable in analyzing the formation, e.g., for petroleum production potential. Dip moveout (DMO) corrected seismic data may be used, where DMO velocities are adjusted by dividing by cosine of the dip angle.
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Patent Number: 6,678,207
Title: Trapped Water Bottom Multiple And Peg-leg Multiple Suppression For Ocean Bottom Seismic Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for 6,678,207
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Duren, Richard E. (Conroe, TX)
Assignee: Exxonmobil Upstream Research Company
Application Number: 10/152,935
Abstract: The invention is a method for removing trapped water bottom multiples, receiver side peg-leg multiples, and source side peg-leg multiples from dual sensor OBC data, where the data includes both pressure signals and velocity signals. The pressure and velocity signals are compared to determine any polarity reversals between them. Polarity reversals are used to identify and separate up-going and down-going wavefields in the pressure and velocity signals. A matching filter is applied to a portion of the velocity signal where polarity reversals exist. The down-going wavefield is then estimated by calculating the difference between the portion of the velocity signal where polarity reversals exist and the portion of the pressure signal where polarity reversals exist and applying a scaling factor to the result. An attenuated up-going pressure wavefield is then determined by combining the estimated down-going wavefield and the pressure signal.
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Patent Number: 6,654,693
Title: Angle Dependent Surface Multiple Attenuation For Two-component Marine Bottom Sensor Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for 6,654,693
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Sen, Mrinal K. (Austin, TX), Stoffa, Paul L. (Spicewood, TX), Liu, Faqi (Stillwater, OK)
Assignee: Pgs Americas, Inc.
Application Number: 10/045,466
Abstract: A method of processing data that uses an angle dependent filter from two-component sensor data allows for attenuation of free surface multiples. Typically, the sensors that are used to produce two-component ocean bottom sensor data are hydrophones and geophones. The method decomposes the recorded dual sensor data into upgoing and downgoing wavefields by combining the recorded pressure at the hydrophone with the vertical particle velocity from the geophone recorded at the ocean floor. Surface multiple attenuation is accomplished by application of an incident angle dependent deconvolution of the downgoing wavefield from the upgoing wavefield. The method uses an angle dependent filter to calibrate the geophone response so that the different coupling of the two instruments and associated noise are taken into account. In a further embodiment, a method of attenuation of multiple reflections in seismic data is provided. The seismic data comprises pressure data and particle velocity data. The method comprises deconvolving the seismic data, and applying a moving average operator to the seismic data.
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Patent Number: 6,493,636
Title: Method Of Marine Seismic Exploration Utilizing Vertically And Horizontally Offset Streamers
Family: Patent family and legal status for 6,493,636
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): DeKok, Robbert J. (River Ridge, LA)
Assignee: Shell Oil Company
Application Number: 09/401,590
Abstract: A method and apparatus for acquiring high resolution 3D marine seismic data using at least two seismic streamers which are generally parallel to one another longitudinally, and offset from one another in both the vertical and horizontal plane. In one embodiment, the acquisition method uses a vertically staggered source array which is operated using end-fire principles as described below. A processing method is applied for reducing the effect of receiver signal ghosts on the processed signal, thereby allowing the seismic array to be towed deeper without reducing the effective bandwidth of the processed seismic signals. In another embodiment, a vertically staggered source array is utilized. Such that the array provides for the removal of source signal ghosts from the processed seismic and thereby complement the quasi-over under receiver array to synergistically provide for removal of all signal ghosts.
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Patent Number: 6,188,963
Title: Method And System For Deriving Receiver Separation And Depth Dual Phone Seismic Surveys
Family: Patent family and legal status for 6,188,963
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Paffenholz, Josef (Missouri City, TX)
Assignee: Westerngeco L.l.c.
Application Number: 09/351,514
Abstract: A method for accurately determining travel time separation between dual vertically spaced hydrophones below a water surface to achieve separation of pressure wavefields into an up-going and a down-going wavefield in the frequency domain, and for accurately determining the depth of a vertical mid-point between the dual hydrophones below the water surface.
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Patent Number: 5,995,905
Title: Source Signature Determination And Multiple Reflection Reduction
Family: Patent family and legal status for 5,995,905
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Ikelle, Luc Thomas (Milton, GB), Roberts, Graham (Forest Row, GB)
Assignee: Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Application Number: 08/875,019
Abstract: The signature of an energy source is determined from an inverse scattering Born series representing multiple reflected energy. The series comprises a polynomial in the inverse of the signature and has recorded data as the first term. The series is truncated, preferably to the first two terms to permit an analytical determination of the signature to be found. The value of the inverse signature which minimises the energy represented by the sub-series is found and this corresponds to the desired source signature. An iterative scheme may be adopted to improve the match to the actual signature so as to take into account the errors caused by truncating the scattering series.
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Patent Number: 5,661,697
Title: Method And Apparatus For Detection Of Sand Formations In Amplitude-versus-offset Seismic Surveys
Family: Patent family and legal status for 5,661,697
INPADOC Status: Active
Inventor(s): Swan, Herbert W. (Richardson, TX), McDowell, Kenneth O. (Midland, TX), Specht, James A. (Plano, TX)
Assignee: Atlantic Richfield Company
Application Number: 08/574,209
Abstract: A method and apparatus for analyzing amplitude-versus-offset (AVO) seismic data to distinguish sand formations, such as Morrow sands, from limestones and other similar intervals, is disclosed. For each of the traces in the survey, AVO intercept and AVO slope traces are generated, preferably after normalization of the amplitudes of the traces to account for geophone coupling variations. After normalization and conventional processing and corrections, spatial summation may be performed to further improve the traces. AVO trend lines are then generated, preferably on a weighted window basis, to generate localized trend lines against which the intercept and slope values of individual depth points may be compared. This comparison allows the plotting of AVO intercept versus AVO slope deviation from the trend line, from which sand formation interfaces may be identified by their presence in certain quadrants of the intercept-slope deviation cross-plot.
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Patent Number: US Application 2009/0067285
Title: 3d Deghosting Of Multicomponent Or Over / Under Streamer Recordings Using Cross-line Wavenumber Spectra Of Hydrophone Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for US Application 2009/0067285
INPADOC Status: See issued patents
Inventor(s): Robertsson, Johan O. A. (Grantchester, GB) , Vassallo, Massimiliano (Brighton, GB) , Van Manen, Dirk-Jan (Reigate, GB) , Ozbek, Ali (Milton, GB)
Assignee: Westerngeco L. L. C.
Application Number: 20090067285
Abstract: A technique includes obtaining pressure data that was acquired by seismic sensors towed as part of a three-dimensional spread of streamers and obtaining particle motion data, which are indicative of particle motion at locations of the sensors. The technique includes estimating cross-line spectra of the pressure data based at least in part on the pressure data, and the technique includes deghosting the particle motion data based at least in part on the estimated cross-line spectra.
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Patent Number: US Application 2009/0048784
Title: 3d Surface Related Multiple Elimination For Wide Azimuth Seismic Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for US Application 2009/0048784
INPADOC Status: See issued patents
Inventor(s): Matson, Kenneth H. (Houston, TX) , Etgen, John T. (Houston, TX) , VU, Phuong (Houston, TX)
Assignee: Bp Corporation North America Inc.
Application Number: 20090048784
Abstract: According to a preferred aspect of the instant invention, there is provided herein a system and method for the imaging and monitoring of the subsurface hydrocarbon reservoirs and other subsurface features, wherein the collected seismic data contain multiples therein. In brief, the instant invention is a method of removing multiples using SRME, wherein wide azimuth seismic data are used to directly compute a multiple prediction via a mixed space-wavenumber-frequency domain implementation.
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Patent Number: US Application 2008/0294346
Title: Method For Identifying And Removing Multiples For Imaging With Beams
Family: Patent family and legal status for US Application 2008/0294346
INPADOC Status: See issued patents
Inventor(s): Nemeth, Tamas (San Ramon, CA) , Wang, Yue (San Ramon, CA) , Qin, Fuhao (Spring, TX) , Hill, N. Ross (Houston, TX)
Assignee: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.
Application Number: 20080294346
Abstract: The present invention incorporates the use of model-driven and data-driven methodologies to attenuate multiples in seismic data utilizing a prediction model which includes multiply-reflected, surface-related seismic waves. The present invention includes beam techniques and convolving a predicted multiples beam with a segment of a modeled pegleg beam to obtain a convolved multiples beam. The convolved multiples beam can then he deconvolved to attenuate the multiples that are present in the original input beam.
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Patent Number: EP 112715
Title: Removal Of Surface Multiples
Family: Patent family and legal status for EP 112715
INPADOC Status: Unknown
Inventor(s): Pann, Keh
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Patent Number: WO 2008008651
Title: Workflow For Processing Streamer Seismic Data
Family: Patent family and legal status for WO 2008008651
INPADOC Status: See designated states
Inventor(s): Muyzert, Everhard, J. (Nl/gb]; Robertsson, Johan O. A. (Se/no]
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Patent Number: WO 2008005775
Title: Nterpolation And Extrapolation Method For Seismic Recordings And Use Of Same In Multiple Supression
Family: Patent family and legal status for WO 2008005775
INPADOC Status: See designated states
Inventor(s): Robertsson, Johan Olof Anders (Se/no]; Morley, Lawrence C. (Us/us];
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Patent Number: JP 3170897
Title: Module Device For Receiving, Catching And Transmitting Earthquake Data At A Plurality Of Multiple Levels
Family: Patent family and legal status for JP 3170897
INPADOC Status: Unknown
Inventor(s): Kuroodo Bodeyuseru
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