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All of our staff are actively under NDAs.   We do not send research to third parties.  We adhere to strict federal export control policies with regard to confidential disclosures and as such do not use AI products, particularly ones that do not have a strict confidentiality clause in place.  For more information or if you wish to initiate an NDA please reach out to us.

Welcome to Express Search, Inc.

Patent research is the foundation for solid arguments, well-written opinions, and bullet-proof applications. Express Search has offered the highest quality patent research services for over 20 years, specializing in complex prosecution and litigation oriented research, customized to your needs. Despite the changing landscape of patent research, our lengthy tenure in the industry attests to our success as a leader in technical research preparation and attorney support. Express Search focuses individual attention to each case, fluidly managing large volumes of research while keeping costs to clients low.

Personalized Service

Express Search is uniquely capable of customizing each and every piece of research to meet the nuances of all your cases. Whether for prosecution, litigation, R&D assessment, or portfolio management, Express Search has industry knowledge, technical expertise, and an uncompromising attention to detail that can help make all your IP efforts a success.

Expert Researchers

Express Search has a hand-picked, hand-trained research staff comprised of degreed professionals from diverse scientific and technology backgrounds, chosen for their specialized skill sets, research acumen, and attention to detail. Our researchers offer their technological expertise as well as an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and its requirements in the course of their research.

Affordable Rates

Express Search offers a standard set of flat rate research, fashioned for easy client quoting and budget management. Our standard results package includes opinion-free comments, keyword searchable patents, PAIR assignments, and INPADOC patent family and legal status data via CD or secured electronic download.

Quality Results

Express Search maintains a three-tiered review system to ensure our research is of the highest quality. Over two decades of industry experience, research expertise, and a vested interest in client’s success has lent itself to our unique process of quality assurance.

Fast Turnaround

Our results typically ship within 7-10 business days of authorization.  If you need it sooner, just ask!  We may be able to accommodate faster turnaround at no additional charge.