Three-Tiered Review System

Express Search maintains the highest level of quality control grounded by a three-tiered review system that has been honed over two decades. Several pairs of research eyes conduct, augment, and review each piece of research at varying stages in order to ensure a thorough and customized result.

Easy Quoting and Billing

Flat rates based on standard estimated research have allowed Express Search clients easy client quoting and budget maintenance. There are never any disbursements – shipping and patent copies are free, and there are never any hidden fees or unauthorized database charges. Research is invoiced at a net 30 status, so payments need not be sent until 30 days after receipt of results, established to fit into any firm or companies billing system.

Text Searchable Patents

Express Search offers text searchable patents including both pending and expired prior art with both our electronic and downloadable search results.
* Find keywords in all cited prior art using Adobe Acrobat® search capabilities.
* Search for keywords within a specific patent from your web browser.
* Search ALL CITED ART (including English abstracts of foreign patents and older US patents).
Patent Families

We supply the current INPADOC family and legal status (when available) for all patents we provide as prior art. This information includes a list of patents that share priority documents and the legal status of each of those documents. The family of patents provides a more complete picture of the prior art by listing the foreign patents that are based upon the cited priority document. Since a family member may be allowed in one foreign country but rejected in another, the family of patents can give crucial insight into what examiners in other countries consider patentable. Lastly, determining US equivalents for foreign patents can save on costly translations.

PAIR and Integrated Assignments

The current PAIR assignment document for each US patent is provided with all cited prior art, when available. The assignee on our abstracts page reflects the current PAIR document, not just the assignee at time of filing. In many cases, upon request by a client, Express Search can integrate additional more complex assignment work free of charge into the scope of the research request to provide the most useful set of results possible.

Free Estimates and Conference Calling

Each case is unique, and so is the research that supports it, so Express Search encourages clients to request as much information in advance of a search as assists them. Both formal and informal estimates, as well as conference calls with researchers, are free of charge and at the client’s convenience – no matter the country or time zone. Web presentations on general research information or specific research topics are also free of charge.


About Express Search

Research Expertise
Express Search offers the highest quality patent research services available, specializing in complex prosecution and litigation oriented research, customized to the client’s needs. Despite the changing landscape of patent research, our lengthy tenure in the industry attests to our success as a leader in technical research preparation. Express Search focuses individual attention to each case, fluidly managing large volumes of research while keeping costs to clients low.
Industry Knowledge
Patent research is the foundation for solid arguments, well-written opinions, and bullet-proof applications. Express Search does not offer legal outsourcing or IP portfolio management software. We have a true knowledge of our position in the industry allowing us to meet actual client needs through innovative patent research products.
Exceptional Research Staff
Each researcher is hand-picked and hand-trained, chosen for their specialized skill sets, research acumen and attention to detail. Researchers maintain command of the latest technologies and innovations in their scientific specialities, in addition to the latest patent research tools and methodologies. A listing of our esteemed research staff is located at the end of this brochure and their qualifications are published on our website or available upon request.

Flagg Management

Family owned and run, proudly serving the IP Community since 1991.  Family owned and run, Express Search is now in its second generation of management. President, Cristopher Flagg, is a computer scientist and roboticist by trade. He has over eighteen years in patent research and is integral to product development and workflow initiatives. Executive Director, Rodger Flagg, founded Express Search in 1991. He continues to lend his 30 years of industrial experience in engineering, inventing, patent research, drafting, and prosecuting.

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Client Partnership

At Express Search, we consider our clients our partners. We are invested in their success and satisfaction. As partners, we understand that a level of decorum and professionalism is expected for successful docket management. Timely, cost-effective, quality results, as well as direct access to management, are requisite standards for busy and conscientious counsel. Each case is unique. The research supporting the case is likewise unique. Customization of each research project is an integral part of our successful client research partnerships.