Patent Validity Research

Express Search validity research benefits clients looking to manipulate intangible asset portfolios in litigation, valuation assessments and re-examination before the USPTO.   The claims of the subject patent are compared with prior art references published before the priority date of the subject patent. A Claims Comparison Chart is provided with our results to visually represent the relationship between cited prior art and the most important claimed elements. Express Search validity research includes both detailed research results as well as legal status information for each of the cited references.

Sample Validity SearchSample Claims Comparison Chart

Clearance Research

Our researchers address both infringement and novelty concerns with the ultimate goal of giving the client the ability to offer a solid legal opinion regarding the barriers to entry into a particular field of technology or market. Clearance research includes active art as well as expired patents that may provide a “safe harbor” for a specific product, process, or service.Due to the in-depth nature of clearance research, the disclosure is measured against the claims of the cited prior art. This eliminates references that could be included in patentability results that do not specifically teach the client’s invention. The end result is a highly focused body of prior art whose claims read on the disclosure provided.

Sample Clearance Search

Patentability Research

Novelty Research provides clients with information used to form patentability opinions and a strong foundation for subsequent application drafting and submittal.  Our results include a spreadsheet with helpful information for filling out an Invention Disclosure Statement (IDS).

Sample Patentability Research

Landscape / Whitespace / R&D Research

Whitespace/R&D Investigation research combines the state-of-the-art of a technology field with an in-depth study of the patent coverage to determine viable future research and business development paths. This search includes our standard search report and a visual comparison of the features identified to each cited patent.

Sample Landscape Research

Accelerated Examination Research

The goal of decreased pendency and increased efficiency at the USPTO has resulted in procedural changes based on burden-sharing, particularly with regard to research. The best example of industry impact of these changes is the Petition for Accelerated Examination, replacing the Petition to Make Special.  The initial search consists of an extended novelty search including both patent and non-patent literature, where the search strategy is reported using a Pre-Examination Search Document. The Pre-Examination Search Document requires little modification by the client prior to submission. The search is based on both a classification search as well as a keyword search of patent and non-patent literature.