Design Patent Research

Detailed Design Patent Research

Express Search conducts quality design patent research over the US design patent classifications, the WIPO Global Design Database, the WIPO Hague Express, and any country specific worldwide industrial design databases you need.   We provide inventor and assignee searching to identify relevant references from your top competitors.

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Design Patent – Searching

Our researchers look at US and worldwide foreign design databases (when requested) to ensure the broadest review of the art possible.  We hand review all design patents within the reported classifications.

Design Patent – Quality

A quality design patent search requires an attention to detail.  With over 25 years experience in design searching, our team is able to identify the references you need.

Design Patent – Review

We analyze the final research results to locate possible classifications for additional research.  We use a three tiered review system that makes sure three sets of eyes look at the results of every project.

Design Analysis

The best method for searching design patents is still a manual search of the classifications.  Our researchers are trained in the USPC design classifications as well as the Locarno classes for international searching.   Worldwide industrial design databases need to be searched individually and require an understading of the national databases in order to identify the most relevant art.

Design Patent Accelerated Examination

The accelerated examination search allows a patent to be rushed through the patent office backlog.  Filing an accelerated exam application for a design patent has become a popular option to waiting in the examination queue.  We provide a detailed pre-examination search document covering the search strategy for both the patent classification search and the patent and non-patent literature database searched.