Search for keywords within a single patent

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Express Search provides keyword searchable patent references with all of its search results. Using the search facilities built into Acrobat Reader, it is possible to conduct keyword searches with an individual patent. This is useful for tracking down elements mentioned in the claims and element numbers located throughout the patent.

Note: This example uses Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.

Steps to search for keywords within a single patent

  1. Open the Search Results or Abstracts page in your browser

  2. Open the PDF of the patent in your browser window

    • On Results Page

    • On Abstracts Page

  3. Adobe Acrobat Reader will open in the browser window. To search within this document, click on the 'binocular' search icon

  4. The search pane will open, allowing you to set advanced preferences and search for keywords within the document. Enter your search term in the text box In this case, we use "simpl" to pick up both simple and simplified. Click on the search button to search for this term in the document.

  5. The search results will open in the search pane By clicking on one of the search results in the search pane, Adobe Acrobat Reader will jump to the location of the term in the document