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References for 'Ultra Roasted Coffee' [Non Patent Literature]

Buffo, Roberto A., and Claudio Cardelli-Freire. "Coffee flavour: an overview." Flavour and fragrance journal 19.2 (2004): 99-104.
Disclosing fast roasting for periods as short as 90 seconds or as long as 40 min, as is often the case in Brazil, as the time influences the reactions within the coffee bean, and coloring to dark brown in the presence of CO2 gasses (Page 99).

Schwartzberg, Henry. "Batch coffee roasting; roasting energy use; reducing that use." Advances in Food Process Engineering Research and Applications. Springer US, 2013. 173-195.
Discloses roasting green beans with engineered effect and cooling with inert gasses (the 3rd & 4th Pages; high-speed roasting on the 8th Page).

Źyźelewicz, Dorota, et al. "Application of various methods for determination of the color of cocoa beans roasted under variable process parameters." European Food Research and Technology 238.4 (2013): 549-563.
Discloses correlation of color with duration of fast roasting & drying processes.

Guenther, Helmut, et al. "Furan in coffee: pilot studies on formation during roasting and losses during production steps and consumer handling." Food Additives and Contaminants 27.3 (2010): 283-290.
Discloses analysing pilot plant samples that were roasted to cover qualities from light- to dark-roasted and from fast- to long-roasted coffees producing darker roast colors from longer roast times (draft copy Pages 7 and 8 - figures are not present).

Schenker, S., et al. "Pore structure of coffee beans affected by roasting conditions." Journal of Food Science 65.3 (2000): 452-457.
Discloses faster degassing and oil migration as well as enhanced oxygen accessibility and accelerated loss of flavor compounds during hot air roasting is promoted in beans with larger micropores (Pages 453-455).

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