Trademark Research Services

Brand-Oriented Design Patent Research


  • Explore Branding Decisions
  • Likelihood of Design Patent Protection
  • Specific Brand Elements of Interest
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 Brand-Oriented Design Patent Landscape Research


24 Hours at $125/hr

  • Get a Feel for the Current Trends
  • In-Depth Study of the Design Patent Coverage
  • Determine Viable Future Research and Business Development Paths
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Trademark Clearance Search


6 Hours at $125/hr

  • Federal Marks
  • Overview of the Art for a Particular Mark or Logo

Inventor / Assignment Research


2 Hours at $125/hr

  • US Trademarks

File Wrapper History

$1 per page

$70 minimum charge

  • Electronic Delivery
  • Cited references on request

Certified Copies

Per PTO Charges

  • Expedited Requests Available
  • Turnaround Per PTO Availability